Lake Reidsville Playground

December 06, 2017
New Lake Reidsville Playground
Turned into ‘Smart’ Structures
The new playground at Lake Reidsville combines technology and physical activity.
The playground equipment, designed for ages 5-12, has a unique cell phone application play feature. The application, called Biba, offers games designed to get kids back outside for healthy, active and imaginative play, according to Fred Thompson, the City’s Parks & Recreation Superintendent.

“The new playground provides a fantastic way to integrate technology with active play,” Thompson said.
In fact, when Thompson was hired in the summer of 2016, one of his first duties was to evaluate the City’s programs and facilities. One of his immediate concerns was the lack of a playground at Lake Reidsville Park.

     The previous main structure and slide in the playground area had been removed several years ago due to their deteriorated condition.
     Researching various funding sources, Thompson applied for a grant with the Rockingham County Community Foundation. The Duke Energy Foundation had provided RCCF with $250,000 to issue grants for projects throughout Rockingham County that focus on economic development or environmental education.
     The City of Reidsville received the maximum amount awarded of $25,000. Combined with an anonymous donor’s technical assistance, the City was able to install the new playground at the lake for approximately $27,000.
     The Biba app’s mission is to get today’s kids away from their computers and back to be active outdoors.
     “This transforms the playground into a ‘smart’ play structure where the fun always changes,” Thompson said. “All families need are the touchscreen devices found in every parent’s pocket and purse.”
     The Biba application is compatible with both Android and Apple cell phones.
     Thompson said he plans to include the technology on all future playground builds by the City of Reidsville.
     “We are always looking for new ways to attract children and their families to our park system and to Lake Reidsville,” said Thompson. “This new playground at Lake Reidsville Park is just another addition to the City’s extensive parks network.”