Sheriff Asks Citizens to be Considerate When Mowing

August 23, 2018



Sheriff Asks Citizens to be Considerate When Mowing

Date of Release: Monday, August 20, 2018

[Wentworth, N.C.] - Recently, the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office has received several complaints about residents blowing grass clippings into the roadway while mowing. Although there is no law specifically against this in North Carolina, Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page asks that citizens be considerate of their neighbors and motorists by making sure to blow their grass clippings back towards their property or use a bagging attachment while mowing.
"Not only do we want to keep Rockingham County beautiful, but grass clippings in the roadway poses a potential safety hazard to motorcyclists", said Sheriff Sam Page. "Someone might get hurt, which we don't want to see happen. When you mow, please be courteous and blow your grass clippings back onto your property; it's just the right thing to do."