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Lucky City Brewing Cooperative

Lucky City Brewing Cooperative


About Us

Reidsville’s Only Co-Op Brewing House
Lucky City Brewing is a community-run brewing cooperative that delivers premium craft beers and the perfect place to drink them!

The Lucky City Story
We founded Lucky City Brewing to bring homemade, delicious craft beers to North Carolina, while building a family of member-owners working together to do something special.

Unlike big breweries that only care about turning a profit, we are a community of local craft beer lovers that are investing our time, effort and passion into changing the face of beer in Reidsville, North Carolina and beyond.

With a world-class craft brewing facility located in downtown Reidsville producing quality beers and a stunning brewpub to enjoy them in, we truly have it all.

Become a Lucky City Brewing Member-Owner today to share in the pride of ownership that comes with being involved with a brewing co-op!

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Lucky City Brewing

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